Why Metal Roofs Are The Best Protection For Storms

Most people would think that metal roofs would be the worst kind of roof to have during a severe storm, but truthfully, metal roofs are the best protection for you during crazy weather. Here are some reasons why metal roofs best all other types of roofing systems when it comes to weathering storms.


For A Roof That Can Withstand Any Weather, A Metal Roof Is Your Solution

Metal roofs are constructed with fewer seams, often installed in large panels and then coated over with waterproof coatings to dull the extremely metallic shine. This makes them extremely waterproof, lasting up to 50 years alone before needing repairs.

Can Handle Hurricane Winds

Metal roofs can withstand wind speeds of up to 120 mph, which are what hurricanes are clocked at. All other roofing types will have blown off with much lower wind speeds.

Hail Proof

While noisy, there won’t be any holes in your roof after a terrible hailstorm like other roofs. There may be dents, but no cracks where water from melting hail and ice can get through like other roofing systems like shingles would definitely have.


All metal roofs are fireproof. This is very beneficial is you live in areas prone to wildfires. Also, even if a metal roof is struck by lightning, it won’t catch fire since it is not flammable, which regular roofs would. Very few roofs are completely fire resistant, the only others being tile and slate, which are premium roofing systems known for being very expensive. Slate and tile can crack under high winds, though, where metal doesn’t.

No Roof Collapsing From Snow

Many roofs collapse due to the weight of snow or get leaks. With metal roofs, snow melts and slides right off, preventing ice dams.

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