What is Roof Fascia?

white gutter and fascia with leaves on roof

Right Underneath the Gutters are the Roof Fascia The Supports the Drainage System

The roof fascia is the wood board directly underneath your gutters that help connect your drainage system to the roof. Because this wood board is in direct contact with water, it is obviously going to get water damage over time. If you are unsure if you have fascia damage, you can call our company to perform a roof inspection and we can determine if you need repairs. Using roofing tools like leak detection cameras can help you determine whether you need fascia repair in Houston, TX or not. Fascia commonly gets damaged, so repairs are extremely affordable and many handy homeowners decide to repair it themselves! If you have any questions, call Alpha Elite Roofing at (832) 992-7663 for roof fascia repair or installation service in Houston, TX.

Signs You Need Fascia Repair

  • Droopy or Sagging Gutters: This could happen when the fascia is rotting, leaving nothing for the gutter system to hold onto.
  • Tons of Pests and Insects: Lots of bugs, rodents, or birds suddenly appearing in or around your home are a good indicator to check your fascia for damage. These pests crawl through the damaged fascia into your home or make nests in the rotting wood.
  • Rotting Wood: Too much moisture on wood causes it to rot.
  • Ice Damming or Frost in the Attic: When moisture seeps into the wood fascia and freezes, it expands the wood, allowing more room for moisture to enter the attic.
  • Water Spots on Interior Walls: The fascia helps keep gutter overflow from splashing on your home, so interior leaks mean that rainwater has seeped through your gutters and fascia.