What Does Roofing Insurance Cover?

Having home insurance is a no- brainer for emergencies for burglaries and storms. But many homeowners don’t consider getting roofing insurance and end up overpaying when it comes time for repairs. Save money and protect your home and family by learning what roofing insurance covers in the local area. For roofing insurance claims and repair in Houston, TX, contact Alpha Elite Roofing at (832) 992-7663 today.

Is Roof Repair Covered By Insurance?

Find Out If Roof Repairs Are Covered In Your Roofing Insurance Claims Policy!

Listed under your dwelling coverage in a home insurance policy, there is a perils protection clause. Damage from fire, wind, and hail that occurs to your roof will be covered by your insurance claim when you get repairs. Certain insurance companies won’t cover wind and hail damage repairs, so be sure to review your policy before making an insurance claim. If not, you could end up paying out of your own pocket!

Are Roof Leaks Covered By Roofing Insurance?

While leaks are a common occurrence for roofs, they will only be covered by your roofing insurance under certain pretenses. If a leak was caused by an above-mentioned peril like a flood, serious thunderstorm, or blizzard, then insurance will typically pay for roof repair. If the leak is from old age, general use, or disrepair, then your roofing insurance company will not cover the repair charges. We recommend getting a yearly roof inspection by a licensed contractor. They can help you spot minimal damages that can be cheaply and quickly repaired. That way, you won’t end up with holes in your roof that an insurance claim won’t cover because it was from lack of care and not a storm.

Roof Insurance Claims Assistance

Here at Alpha Elite Roofing, when you call us for roof repair, we will also help you file your roof insurance claim! We’ll supply you with evidence such as photos and the necessary paperwork mentioning the damage, charges, and estimated completion time. Having all this extra documentation helps you with your insurance claim. It can also significantly reduce the price of your deductible, should there be one. If you need roof repair and roofing insurance help in Houston, TX, call Alpha Elite Roofing at (832) 992-7663 today.