How Storm Damage Can Affect Your Roof


We Can Help With Storm Damage!

Storm damage is frustrating and can really cause a major headache when it happens. Even if you have your house as protected as possible, it can still happen. Are wondering what it is that might happen when a big storm comes rolling through? We will discuss more below, but storms can rip roofs right off of your home and cause potential water damage. There are certain kinds of shingles like GAF Marquis WeatherMax shingles, that can hold up to strong wind and heavy storms if that is something that you are worried about. Also, things in your yard can cause serious damage in this type of situation if you’re not careful. If your landscaping or surrounding trees are affected by storm damage, you may want to consider calling a lawn care company to clean it up for you.

Common Home Issues Caused By Storm Damage

Falling Trees – Large trees can fall over onto your roof in the event of a large storm. Their branches can also fly off and get stuck in a roof and cause the roof to have shingle repair or even a roof replacement if it is bad enough.

Damaged Shingles – Heavy wind is what will commonly pull shingles off of roofs or force them to pull up. When this happens, you will need to have them replaced or in some cases they can be nailed down and remain on your roof.

Roof Leak – This goes along with the roof damage. If your roof becomes damaged and then it rains, roof leaks can occur and it can cause serious issues inside of your home and yto tour roofing materials.

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