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Do you need a roofing contractor for your home in Cibolo, TX? Our professional roofing contractors here at Alpha Elite Roofing are committed to providing you with a great roofing experience and excellent service. We treat you like family and make sure your roof is up to your standards and needs. We offer a range of services from soffit and fascia replacements to hail damage repair. No matter what size the project, we will give you the best roofing experience. Let us get your roof back to its job, protecting you and your loved ones. We will ensure your roof meets your specifications so give us a call today at (210) 236-0579.

Our Services

Photo of Roofer TXAt Alpha Elite Roofing, our specialty is storm damage repair. With the crazy weather we have here in Cibolo, TX, the unexpected can happen. Your roof may be damaged by hail, leaving your home vulnerable to leaks. Missing tiles can lead to leaks and water damage. Our professional roofers can inspect your roof today, give you the details of damage, and explain the best choices for roof repair. When working with the insurance company to repair your roof, we will act as your advocate. Do not settle for a roofing contractor that completes the bare minimum. Damage can be more than what is first apparent, which is why we perform full property inspections for your claim. We’ll repair or replace your roof to your standards, not just that of the insurance company. We will ensure your roof is back to protecting you before mother nature can strike again.

We treat every project, from a shingle repair to a roof replacement, with the same attention to care and detail. Call us today at (210) 236-0579 to learn more about our residential roofing services and storm damage repair in Cibolo, TX! Let us repair your roof, and you will not be disappointed.