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Are you in need of residential roofing services in Baytown, TX? Our goal at Alpha Elite Roofing is to provide the best customer service and give you a roof that meets your needs. We treat you like family and make sure your roof is up to your standards and needs. Whether it is a shingle repair or hail damage, we will provide you with one on one interaction and keep you involved in all the details. No matter what size the project, we will give you the best roofing experience. Your roof will be back to 100% before you know it and we will keep it that way. Call us today at (832) 992-7663 to experience first hand how our company is different from the rest!

Our Services

Photo of Roofer TXAt Alpha Elite Roofing, our specialty is storm damage repair. We understand that weather is unpredictable here in Baytown, TX, and sometimes the unexpected can happen. Hail strikes can weaken your roofing materials, making your roof defenseless against further damage. Roofing tiles can go missing after heavy winds. Get a free roof inspection today and our professional staff will work with you on getting your roof repaired or replaced. We will stand behind you and work with the insurance company to get the best result for you on your roof replacement. Why settle for a roofer that will only do what is necessary? We inspect the full property to ensure all damage is recorded for your claim. We’ll repair or replace your roof to your standards, not just that of the insurance company. Our expert roofing contractors will get your roof back in shape before the next storm.

We treat every project, from a shingle repair to a roof replacement, with the same attention to care and detail. Give us a call today at (832) 992-7663 to have one of our professional customer service representatives schedule your FREE roof inspection in Baytown, TX today. We guarantee you a great roof and the best service in the area!