How Does a Roof Insurance Claim Work?

When your home is damaged by a natural disaster, you could be left wondering what to do first. Roofs are most affected by severe weather and can take a beating in hail and wind storms. When you are left with home or roof damage, filing a roofing insurance claims for storm damage could be the best way to get effective and timely repairs. However, many homeowners are unsure of how to file an insurance claim. Knowing how the insurance process works with a roofing claim can help you understand what to do and prepare your family for future damages.

Home Hit by a Tree During a Storm

Know Your Responsibilities and Options When it Comes to Your Roofing Insurance Claims for Storm Damage.

How do You Know if Your Roof is Damaged?

After a severe weather event, home and roof inspections are necessary to evaluate any damages that may have occurred. Many roof damages can be identified upon a simple visual inspection of the surface. Any damaged components or missing material warrants a professional roof inspection. While assessing your roof’s condition, look for these key indicators that you have roof damage:

Torn, Cracked, or Otherwise Damaged Materials: If your roofing materials are torn, broken, or cracked, it’s a good sign that there may be more extensive damage.

Missing Material: Areas, where shingles or tiles have detached, indicate the possibility of damage to the underside of your roofing system, as well as to your attic, insulation, and structural beams.

Seam Separation: Separation between material seams leaves an entryway for water and debris which could lead to leaks and other hassles.

Flashing Damage: Damage to the metal sheets that cover chimney, vent, and other seams on your roof can lead to roof leaks and material damage.

Other Areas to Inspect

Many times, storms can cause other damages around your home. After a severe storm, be sure to check your HVAC compressor and fan for damages that may hinder operation. Also check for any burst pipes or flooding in the yard that can occur from heavy rains, especially with well water systems. Call your local plumber as soon as possible if you suspect you need residential plumbing services.

Is Storm Damage Covered by my Homeowner’s Insurance?

In most cases, roofing insurance claims for storm damage are covered on HO-3 homeowners policies. However, most policies also implement a time limit to file an insurance claim for roof damage. This means a timely roof inspection is crucial. Once you know what damages you have, you can call your insurance agent to file a claim. Making an insurance claim for roof damage is fairly simple and will be explained in detail by your agent as you go through it.

How Does Insurance Pay for a New Roof?

The payment for your roofing claim depends on multiple factors including the age and condition of your roof before the storm. An older roof will not receive the same claim reimbursement as a new roof that has incurred the same damage. Generally, you will receive a roof insurance claim check in the full amount of the replacement or repair if your roofing system is less than 10 years old. Once the claim is made, your insurance company will send an adjuster to your home to assess the damage. The adjuster will inspect your roof material and components as well as photographing any damage. This, along with your professional roof inspection, will be the main factor in your reimbursement amount.

Can I File an Insurance Claim for a Leaking Roof?

While most roofing insurance claims for storm damage are covered by homeowner’s insurance, general roof leaks are not. This is because most policies don’t cover gradual damage of any kind. So, what is storm damage? Storm damage is considered to be damage that was directly caused by a weather event. This can include hail damage, wind damage, and even heavy rain damage. However, it does not include damages from previous storms that have begun to leak, damage caused by faulty materials that weren’t repaired, or damaged that were caused by general lack of maintenance.

Roof Repair For a Roof Insurance ClaimA professional roofer can help you decide which damages are likely to be covered and which ones won’t be repaired through your claim. They will assess your roof materials, flashing, seams, and secondary components like gutters, soffit, and fascia so you are able to get a clear picture of exactly what your roof needs.

Once your claim has been inspected by the adjuster, your roofing team will receive the green light to begin and will typically receive the first portion of the insurance check.

If you suspect roof damage on your home caused by a storm or weather event, call the Alpha Elite Roofing roofing team today at __PHONE__ to learn about our emergency storm damage repair services. Our experts deliver comprehensive inspections to ensure all of your roof damage is found and will help you with your roofing insurance claims for storm damage to ensure it is processed quickly and accurately. Call our experts today to schedule your storm damage inspection appointment in Houston, TX.