Soffit Repair And Replacement

Soffit is a flat, vinyl board found on the underside of your roof all the way along your home. Like the fascia, they protect the eaves of your roof from water damage.  These boards not only protect your roof from rot, mold, and mildew. They ventilate your attic which helps keep your home utility bills down. Small animals, birds, and bugs are also kept out by these board, stopping them from nesting in your rafters. These boards, however, can become damaged by water build up within your gutters, leaked in from other locations, or even blown into them by winds. Call us today at (832) 992-7663 for a free roof inspection.

Damage Causes

Photo of SoffitWater build up can be caused in many ways. Cluttered gutters can keep rain water from draining away after heavy rain storms. Torn or missing shingles could allow water into the overhead space. Even some incomplete construction or misplaced sealant could lead to water getting into these areas. The area the soffit occupies is the first to succumb to rot. The dark and warm space created through the cycling of ventilated air is both an asset to your home and an area you need to keep an eye on during the seasons. Resting water from leaks can lead to mold, mildew, and even wood rot over time within the eaves of your roof.

The vinyl boards themselves are very resistant to degradation. They can, however, be discolored, warped, or even made brittle due to the heat of the sun, increasing the likelihood of water getting into your rafters. We serve the area of Houston, TX and are able to work with you to schedule a roof inspection for your home. Our professional roofing contractors will replace any damaged boards and also examine the area to ensure there is no problems within the affected area. Call us at (832) 992-7663.