Shingle Repair and Replacement

Photo of Shingle Repair In ProgressShingles are a common residential roofing component, made out of many types of material. The most popular of these is asphalt fiberglass, which comes in three shingle tab squares and are resistant to damage and waterproof. They are very sturdy, lasting on average 20 years.  However, with the proper care and maintenance, they can last even longer.  They protect your roof from all sorts of weather damage.

After a while, your shingles may experience some wear and tear due to its years of service. Dual exposure to heavy storm conditions and extremely hot temperatures could impair the tiles’ function by wearing it down. They could lose granules, protective coatings, and may even come loose all together over time. Call us for more information on repair and replacement options for your shingle roof in Houston, TX today at (832) 992-7663.

What To Look Out For

If you notice tiles with curled corners, chips and breaks, cracking, or slipping mats, call to schedule an appointment. The most prominent cause of damaged shingles is storm damage. High winds cause lifting of the tiles themselves. The sun exposure then causes warping over time.

When you clean your gutters, take care to note if you see any granules from your tiles piling into the gutters or of any tiles that have slid down from their original position. These are beginning signs that lead to roof leaks and may indicate even further damage to the roof and home.

With missing shingles, it is important to not only check out the area of the missing piece, but other parts of the roof as well. This is to determine cause of shingle failure as well as extent of damage. Give us a call today at (832) 992-7663 if you have seen any of these signs in your shingles. We inspect your roof, replace missing or damaged shingles, and repair any areas of damage we see. We will also give you a fair estimate if you are seeking to replace your current roof with a shingle roof.