Roof Repair

The last thing you ever want to worry about is your roof. Its meant to keep you and your family safe and keep everything else out of your home. When something goes wrong with your roof, it seems like a huge and daunting task is ahead of you. Give us a call if you are in the Houston, TX area, and we will schedule a free roof inspection and give you a fair estimate. Let us take the hassle and worry out of your roof repair.

Common Roof Problems

  • Bad Installation – Leaks, falling shingles, and misused or lack of sealant are all hallmarks of bad installation that could lead to severe damage to both your roof and home. What may Photo of Roof Repairstart as a slipped tile or a little ceiling drip on heavy rain days could end up being the welcome mat to mold.
  • Missing Shingles – As your roof’s main defense, shingles take a beating from weather extremes and sunshine. Replacing missing tiles is a quick, simple and no-stress process.
  • Storm Damage –  From the high winds of tornadoes to the heavy hit of hail, the roof gets no break from nature. Give us a call and we can repair any damage it has taken, from leaks to missing tiles, and get your roof ready for the next round.

Roof Repair Insurance Claims Assistance

Insurance claims are hard to file and even harder to have resolved. We will work with the insurance company and you to make it easy. We offer roof inspections so you will have all the details prior to filing and we will work with the insurance adjuster to get your roof back in excellent condition. We will stand by you to make the claim as easy as possible and make sure you are happy with the repairs to your home.

Roofing Contractors You Can Trust

If you are in the Houston, TX area, we are available to work with your schedule to come out and inspect and repair your roof. Give us a call at (832) 992-7663 and we will help you schedule a free inspection and fair estimate on your repairs. We will even work with you on an alternate method to pay for a new one.