New Homeowners Advice & Emergency Roofing

3 tips for new Homeowners

During the hottest time of the year in Texas, more storms are sure to roll through before the season’s through. For all your homeowners out there, and especially new homeowners, we want to hand you some tips to keep your assets protected.
Emergency roofing is a thing and it’s best done during the down times, maybe on a calm sunny weekend before more storms roll through. If your roof is still suffering damage from the last storm, definitely get in touch with a roofing specialist today to get new repairs scheduled so that your roof set up for the next roll of thunder. Wind, rain, hail and tornadoes are all, of course, enemies to the well-being of your home. Be as prepared as you can be.
Here’s some tips for staying on top of your game:

Always be familiar with your insurance policy

Always know what’s covered and what isn’t. Some fantastic policies will pay for emergency preparations because they know they can pay less and won’t have to pay as much later when damage occurs. Some will only pay for a small amount of work or none at all. The more you know, the more likely you’ll be able to get the best out of your money.

Get friendly with an agent

If an customer service rep knows about the kind of house you have and the roof you’re repairing he or she is much more likely to make cost-efficient recommendations in the future. Plus, if they handed any discount opportunities you’ll be the first on the list.

Stay informed and get regular checks

Don’t let your roof go to long without having a specialist double check for new wear and tear, especially after storms. Use what you’ve learned to check on it yourself from time to time. This could save you money in the long run, when there’s no surprises and no damage goes too long without repair.

Alpha Elite Roofers will help you with Emergency Roofing, insurance claims and more.

Photo of a Storm

Speak with an agent today to get emergency roofing set up.

Ask an Alpha Elite Roofing agent about emergency roofing today and don’t forget to follow up on the details of your insurance policy. Our agents are here to help whenever you questions. Contact us here.

FInd more information about what to do and what not to do before and after a storm here on our website.