What You Need To Know About Roofing Soffit

What Is Soffit?

Despite the fact that soffit is an essential part of any roof system, many people don’t know it by name. Soffit is the component that connects the roofing overhang to the side of the structure and it is often constructed from vinyl or aluminum. In the absence of soffit, the eaves of your roof and home would become completely naked, and vulnerable to dangers from wind and rain. Soffit is also used to bring completion to the design of the home, and and to defend the rafters from damage from insects, rodents. and water.

Does My Soffit Need Repair?


Your Roof’s Soffit Is An Essential Protection Element For Your Roof’s Structure!

As an important protective barrier for your roof, it’s no surprise that it will become damaged over time. Below are three surefire signs of disrepair that you can use as a reference.

Leaking Gutters:

If you have malfunctioning gutters, then it’s likely your soffit needs replacement or service. Even though your soffit saves your roof from this water damage, the wear it absorbs will increase over the years.

Rust Stains:

You will notice the arrival of brown stains if leakage from your roof has begun to impact your soffit. As water leaks through tar on the underside of your roof, it will render the brownish stains. Water-logged soffit becomes vulnerable to rot, so you will additionally need to repair or replace the affected components.


An additional indicator of water wear to your soffit, buckling happens when the soffit material has become often saturated with water. Prolonged exposure to a leaking roof or damaged gutters will make buckling soffit, which has dire need of replacement. Buckling soffit has become delaminated through frequent exposure to water.

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