What You Need to Know About Fascia Roofing

Fascia is the wooden boarding directly underneath your roof’s gutters, often in the same color to make it blend in. It holds gutters in place while also helping with rain runoff and dripping. Roofing fascia acts as a guard to the roof, providing an extra layer from the outdoors. Because it is the barrier, fascia roofing takes a lot of beating from weather and animals, and needs more maintenance.

Does My Fascia Need Repair?

Fascia roofing is made out of wood and will eventually rot due to moisture. Here are some signs that your fascia needs replacing and tips on how to preserve it.

Install A Drip Edge

Fascia Roofing Attaches To The Underside Of Gutters

A drip edge is a L-shaped piece of metal drilled into the ends of the wooden boards of fascia. You can see them on the edges of your roof right below the first layer of shingles. Drip edges help to reflect water from the fascia, preventing moisture absorbing into the wood and rotting it.

Painting Your Fascia

Not only will this make it more pleasing to look at, but painting the fascia provides another layer of protection from the elements. Get primer or waterproof paint to prolong the life of your fascia roofing.

Choose Tough Wood

While it may be a little pricier, choosing stronger, more durable wood like cedar will help your fascia boarding last longer. Some wood types are even decay-resistant, which can eliminate the problem of rotting all together.

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