Inspecting Your Roof and Gutters

After heavy spring rains and storms come through, it is a great opportunity to check up the condition of your roof to make sure it is protecting your home effectively. Here are some things you can look for:

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Do a quick inspection of the roof by walking the perimeter of your home and check for any obvious signs of damage. Hailstones, or debris like tree branches blown into the roof by wind, can create dents or cracks in the shingles. Other things to look for include cracked or curling shingles and shingles that are completely missing.

Check the gutters and clear them of leaves and debris that has collected. Leaving gunk built up in the gutters can lead to clogs in the down pipes or create an environment that pests are attracted to. This is a good time to check the overall condition of the gutters too and look for any cracks, broken seams, or rusted areas that need to be repaired.

Having a roofing professional come out and do an inspection is recommended if your roof has signs of storm damage. Someone who has dealt with roof repairs for years will be able to do full assessment and determine the best path to take to get your roof back in good condition again. Sometimes storm damage may require patching up areas of the roof that might be susceptible to leaks. If the damage is severe enough, replacing the shingles or other material covering the structure of the roof may be needed to prevent water damage from causing problems to the interior of your home.

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