Determine If You Have Storm Damage Without Getting On the Roof

Determine If You Have Storm Damage Without Getting on the Roof

Ways To Determine If You Have Storm Damage To Your Roof.

If you’ve recently had a bad storm through your city, but aren’t sure if you have roof damage, there are ways to check. A lot of homeowners don’t feel comfortable getting on their roof and checking and they might think it’s a waste of time to call a roofer if there isn’t anything wrong. Fortunately, there are signs around your home that can help you determine if you have storm damage without getting on your roof.

Gutters Are Damaged

While gutters can be a little worn because of the age, if you see big dents in the side of the gutters that you haven’t seen before, that’s a big you might need storm damage repair.

There Are Dents in Your Siding

If your home has siding on the exterior walls, it’s worth inspecting. Are there huge dents or even big cracks in the siding? It could be worth calling a roofer for an inspection.

Damage to Windows

The sides of the windows or even the actual glass could be damaged if the storm was severe.

Impact to Metal Components

This can include your roof’s fascia or eaves that you can clearly see from the ground. Any damage, cracks, or dents could be a big sign of roof damage from a storm.

Flipped Over Outdoor Furniture or Damaged Devices

Does your backyard have lawn furniture like tables or chairs? If the storm was bad enough to flip over your table and chairs, or devices like grills, A/C units, and more, it was probably bad enough to do some damage to your roof.

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