Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has long been considered only for commercial buildings. However, many homeowners are starting to see the benefits of metal roofing. If you want a roof with superior durability and little maintenance, you might enjoy a metal roof for your home. Here are just a few of the benefits of metal roofing:


benefits of metal roofingMetal roofing is among the strongest roofing materials on the market. A quality metal roof can last at least twice as long as a traditional shingle roof, from 50 years to even more. Metal is an excellent roofing material because it can withstand hail, wind, sun, rain, fire, and other elements. You never have to worry about termites, wood rot, or other such problems with a metal roof.


There are many eco-friendly benefits of metal roofing, including home energy savings. Metal is naturally reflective, unlike shingles which absorb heat from the sun. Metal roofing can help keep your attic and entire home cooler, reducing your cooling load and energy usage. This is a major benefit during those sweltering Texas summers! Another environmentally friendly feature of a metal roof is that it is recyclable, and is usually made from recycled materials.


Many people picture metal roofs on old barns or warehouses, but there are actually many styles available. Do you want a classic silver standing seam roof? How about red or green metal panels? You can even get a metal roof that looks like a traditional shingle roof! No matter your personal style, there’s a metal roof option for you.

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