How to Get Your Roof Ready for Winter

We know the weather gets a little crazy out of nowhere in Texas. It is better to get prepared for it and it doesn’t come than to not be prepared at all and be hit hard. One major thing you can do to get ready for winter is get your roof ready for heavy rain, hail, wind, and even a little snow. Though no one can guarantee that your roof will be 100% safe, we can give you a few tips to help avoid the danger.

3 Tips to Get You Ready


You Never Know What Weather You Will Get in Texas; Be Ready for Anything.

Cut your trees- Something small you can do that could potentially save you a whole lot of money and effort is to cut your big trees down around your home. If you cannot cut them heavily, at least try to trim the larger branches from hanging over your roof. In the event of a major storm, trees and branches can fall off onto your roof causing major damage. If a tree falls into your roof it can put a hole into it and branches can grab onto shingles and rip them off.

Clean off your roof- Grab a ladder and take a look up on your roof. Do you see any branches, leaves, or even toys? These can become dangerous to your roof if left up there. Leaves can develop mold and seep into your roof and branches can tear holes or shingles right off. It’s an easy thing to do, but if you don’t feel comfortable up there, give us a call and we would be happy to send someone out to help you.

Call an inspector- If you haven’t had your annual inspection, there’s no better time than now to go ahead and do it. Having an inspector out will give you an opportunity to talk to someone about any roofing questions you may have and get ready for winter. They will give you a full report of your roof and any concerns that they may have for you.

Winter is in full spin and living here you never know what the weather is going to give you day to do. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Let us help you get ready for winter. Give us a call at  (832) 992-7663  and let us help you with any roofing concerns you might have.