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When looking for a local roofing contractor, do not settle for someone who will just repair your roof. Choose a roofer who will go the extra mile to seek and repair any damage and known for attention to detail. We serve Houston, TX and the surrounding area. Our goal? We strive to provide the best service in the area, giving you one on one interaction, keeping you included in every detail when it comes to your roof. We want you to feel like you are not just a customer, but part of the family. You will rest easy knowing we are dedicated to meeting your needs and that your roof is in expert hands. Basically, it is all about you. We specialize in storm damage repair and will assist with any insurance claim from start to finish. Give us a call today at (832) 992-7663 to receive the care and attention you and your roof deserve. Make us your roofing contractor of choice in Houston, TX.

Customer Service First

Established in 2015, customer service has been our priority since day one. All of our roofers are insured professionals who complete the job based on your specifications, not those an insurance company. We stand by our customers and give the same attention and care to any roofing repair, from shingle replacement to an entire roof overhaul.  Your roof protects you and your loved ones from the outside elements and should be repaired with the utmost care. Give us a call today at (832) 992-7663. You can trust us to treat you like family and repair your roof to meet your needs. We keep you informed as to any details of the roofing project and ask for your input.

Photo of Roofer Pearland TexasYour Local Roofing Contractors for Houston, TX

Whether it is a simple repair or storm damage, our roofers are here to serve you. We are dedicated to assisting in any way we can through the roofing project. If you need help with an insurance claim, we will provide roof inspections and interact with the insurance company throughout the claims process. From beginning to end, we will ensure you get all that you deserve and that your roof is repaired or replaced to your specifications. If you are seeking a local roofer in Houston, TX that will have your back, look no further. Give us a call today at (832) 992-7663. 


Photo of Roof RepairWe offer a variety of roofing services for Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. We put your needs first in every repair and want you to be happy with both the process and the end result. Click below for more information on our available services:

Fascia – This is the border that lines the entirety of your roof, running parallel to the gutters. Because of it’s location, it protects your roof from water damage, but also is at great risk for water damage. Give us a call today if you believe your fascia is damaged and may need repair or replacement.

Metal Roofing – Metal roofing is a fantastic, eco-friendly roof material. It is super durable and fire resistant. If not installed properly, tiles can be torn off during the high winds of storms or tornadoes. Let us install or inspect your metal roof and replace any missing tiles to get your roof back in shape before the next storm.

Roof Repair – Your roof does it’s job of protecting you and your loved ones so well, sometimes it takes a bit of damage. A simple roof repair is often the best solution. Give us a call today and one of our professional roofers schedule a free roof inspection to see if a simple repair is all you may need.

Roof Replacement – Have you ever considered a roof replacement for the future? The average life expectancy of a roof is 20 years. Combine that with the storms we have here in TX, and it’s quite likely you may be having a roof replacement sooner than you expect. Whether it is just a change in style or due to storm damage, we will install your new roof, keeping you involved in every step of the replacement process.

Shingle Repair – Shingles are made out of various kinds of materials and can keep your roof protected from dangerous storms. However, missing or worn shingles leave a gap in that protection, making your roof vulnerable to potential damage and leaks. Our professional roofing contractors can replace your missing shingles or install all new shingles on your roof, restoring your roof and preventing any future damage.

Soffit – These boards are located on the underside of your roof, protecting your rafters from nesting animals, bugs, and debris. It keeps your attic ventilated, helping with utility bills and preventing wood rot. It is very important to have the soffit inspected to ensure no warping or breaks in the board have occurred.

Storm Damage

Photo of hail damageIts well known there is no predicting our Texas storms. Storm damage happens and when it does, you need a roofer who is an expert. We will give you the best customer service experience and repair your roof to your needs and specifications. Our specialty is storm damage repair. We will stick by you throughout the process and assist with any insurance claim.

Let us make the experience as stress-free as possible. Give us a call today at (832) 992-7663 to schedule a FREE roof inspection, and we will also inspect the surrounding property. We will help you identify storm related damage, from hail damage to debris, for a report to your insurance company.

Insurance Claim

Photo of Storm DamageWhen your roof has been damaged, filing an insurance claim can be a huge headache. Let us make the experience as stress-free as possible. We will work with you and your insurance company for an easy resolution to get your roof back to 100%. Give us a call today to set up a free roof inspection to get you a head start in the claims process.

Before filing your claim, the first thing you should do is contact a local roofing contractor for a inspection and report of the storm damage. We will not just inspect the roof, but the full property to ensure we report any and all storm related damage to the insurance company. We want to make sure you can maximize your claim and get all that you deserve. Our professional roofers will stand by you throughout the process from start to finish and advocate on your behalf.